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About Us

About Us

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Emerald Coast Payments is a premium provider of electronic transaction processing and ATM Placement.  We are here to help your business accept credit cards in the most secure, efficient and economical way possible.  Emerald Coast Payments was founded by Timothy J. Ventimiglia and is supported by its parent company Optimum Payments, which has over 16 years of merchant processing experience, including an additional support team of a combined 100+ years of experience. Emerald Coast Payments will remain committed to providing the best possible payments experience for merchants and customers.

We offer a complete line of credit card processing equipment, from the latest chip card-enabled terminals to a cutting-edge smart terminal and point-of-sale solution. In addition, Emerald Coast Payments has several mobile payment, virtual processing and e-commerce options.

We offer a complete line of ATM machines for purchase or placement, partnered with one of North America’s most premier ATM Companies since 2005.  We specialize in providing you the most up-to-date “touch screen” ATMs in the market. All of our ATMs have the newest EMV card readers to accept the newly required smart chip cards.

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