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Retail Businesses

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A great solution for any retail merchant, large or small. Our innovative retail payment solutions are complete, reliable and designed to secure your success whether your business is a small local retail outlet, regional franchise organization or a national chain store operation. Get superior support, competitive rates, expanded payment options, comprehensive reporting packages, and fast transaction processing, clearing, and settlement.

Run your entire shop on a single smart POS. Manage inventory and keep track of stock. Accept payments at the touch of a button. Handle returns and exchanges. Oversee your staff and run sales reports. Get superior support, competitive rates, expanded payment options, comprehensive reporting packages, and fast transaction processing, clearing and settlement.


Let your Clover retail POS keep track of your entire inventory with real time updates and low-stock alerts.



Clover’s powerful retail software takes payments in seconds, with most deposits arriving in your bank account in just one day.



Run promotions, deals, and discounts to keep customers coming back.

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Clover Mini

The Clover Mini is an all-in-one POS that supports accessories like a kitchen printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer and others.

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Clover Station

A fully featured point of sale to make running your business easy.

Clover Flex

The Clover Flex is a handheld POS with built-in receipt printer.

Clover Go

The Clover Go is a portable card reader with the Go app on your mobil device to take payments wherever you do business.



Run a light retail shop

Manage your inventory

  • Create SKUs and variants
    Keep track of your items with helpful variants like “red” or “size medium.”

  • Get low-stock alerts
    Never miss a sale again because you’re out of stock. Clover will notify you when your inventory is running low.

  • Add and update items
    Scan and instantly add to or update your inventory with a barcode scanner.

Easier payments and exchanges

Take every kind of payment

Accept credit, debit, and gift cards, as well as NFC and mobile payments. You can also set up automatic tax rates to be applied to all your sales.

Take payments without WiFi

No WiFi? No problem. Accept payments in offline mode and process them when you’re back online.

Process returns fast

Your Clover system runs your refunds fast, even on orders with multiple payments. An app lets you offer store credit.

Oversee your whole staff

Know who sells the most

Keep track of sales numbers to reward your top people; set up team commissions.

Set login permissions

Control who can access sensitive data like financial statements.

Schedule team shifts
Anticipate busy times on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and plan your employees’ shifts accordingly.

Streamline payments

Send targeted promotions

Run promotions, offers, and discounts via text or email. You can even display special offers along the bottom of printed or digital receipts.

Launch a robust rewards program

Turn one-time customers into loyal fans with special deals that only unlock with repeat visits.

Get feedback directly from customers

Give your customers a simple way to share their feedback quickly and privately so you can improve your business.

Offer and accept gift cards

With Clover Gift Cards, you can offer digital or physical gift cards and boost your revenue.

Anytime‑anywhere access

Use your Clover dashboard, iOS app, or Android app to track sales and other stats in real time. Run end-of-day reports for an instant snapshot of your numbers.

Accessories tailor‑made for retail

Build the right retail POS system for your business. Add Clover-approved accessories like a barcode scanner or a lockable cash drawer.

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